Dear Harry…

I attended a civil partnership a while ago and there was a part of the service that I thought I’d mention here. All the guests were asked to write a wish for the brides’ little son, Harry, to stand him good stead for the future. I took this task, perhaps a little too enthusiastically, to set out a path of critical thinking for Harry, which I hope would lead any young child to an enlightened, fulfilled future.

I’ll confess to taking the opportunity of being at a humanist service to ever-so-slightly mischievously kick back at religiously themed ceremonies, such as christenings and brit milahs, but I relished the chance to be open rather than reticent. It was also a little before our own son, Reuben, entered the world, so I was already contemplating the guidance I would like to give as a parent.

Anyway, I thought I would share the wish here (with a nod to Elbow) and let others comment on the wishes they would make for a new arrival – your thoughts, as always, are very welcome!


apologies for the poor handwriting, Harry


One thought on “Dear Harry…

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