366* days later…

The little man is one year old today. It’s been something of a rollercoaster, with time often dragging at an excruciating pace (crying nights) and zipping along at a breakneck velocity at others (how long did his first set of clothes last?).

I often scoff at arbitrary milestones – why was my 30th birthday worth more celebration than my 29th or 31st? – but a single year does mark a significant planetary event. Many animals are intimately linked with the calendar year, displaying ‘circannual’ (= “about a year”) cycles, observed in the reproduction of ground squirrels and the migration of birds. Even testicle size can be affected by a yearly rhythm.

Anyway, fluff and bluster aside, here are some awesome videos to mark the occasion. Happy birthday Reuben!

A montage of the four season, with footage clipped from Planet Earth (from AJS6251):

A year of sunrises, as viewed from METEOSAT-9 Earth-observing satellite (from TheBadAstronomer):

And, what actually is a year? (from cassiopeiaproject):


* Leap year


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