Hoping for a Seahorse but a Limpet Might Just Do

I’ve tried before to articulate my hopes and aspirations for the next generation, in a possibly vain attempt to pass on some of my wisdom (ahem) and experiences. I encouraged a sense of wonder, to be questioning and to favour reason over superstition.

This was brought back to my mind on reading Robin Ince‘s elegant post on inquisitiveness. It captured wonderfully the idea of always questioning the world around you, something I had wished to grant to Harry and Reuben. So I thought I would share it here.

Robinince's Blog

here is my usual warning of spelling mistakes, punctuation horrors and possibly ill-thought out ideas. this one is a reaction to peering into rock pools. I haven’t yet found time to reply to people’s comments on last blogs, but thank you to those that left them whether negative or positive ( a much smaller thank you to the negative ones obviously, said through clenched teeth in a mockery of good manners)

One of my favourite train journeys is from London to Cornwall. It is a pleasant, sometimes beautiful, crossing through the pastures and countryside of southern England, but from Exeter St Davids to Newton Abbot it can dazzle and enlighten even when an umbrella of storm clouds overshadow it. The rails are as close to the sea as any train line I know. Tunneling through the cliffs and then almost avalanching onto the coast, it is a vision of the…

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