Dad With A Curious Mind

I’ve had a rebrand! The blog is now Dad With A Curious Mind. But my outlook hasn’t really changed.

I felt increasingly uncomfortable with The Skeptical Dad. I didn’t think it really represented me – I love what some skeptics do and share many values, but I don’t feel integrally part of a ‘skeptical community’ or ‘skeptical movement’. I dip in and out, with various blogs, events and podcasts, but I tend to leave it at that. A bit outside looking in.

So the new name seems to fit me better. I’m just curious about the world. Curious about learning new stuff and being amazed by the natural world. Curious as to how looking at evidence and taking scientific approaches can affect everything we do, including (and especially) parenting. And yes, some may say, just a little curious.

So please keep following, sharing and interacting. I hope there are other curious people out there too.

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