About me

I have long held a fascination with science and the natural world, and this has been a mainstay throughout my life.

I completed a BSc degree in biology and then a PhD in behavioural neurogenetics at the University of Manchester. I studied colouration in treefrogs at the Manchester Museum and the sense of smell in fruitfly maggots in the Faculty of Life Sciences. My broad interest in biomedical science took me to work as a editor for an academic publisher and I maintain an interest in how scientific data and results are disseminated, especially so that they’re openly available. I currently work for a cancer research charity (previously another one), managing a portfolio of research grants, developing funding strategy and communicating the impact .

I’m also an avid podcast listener (Little Atoms, Pod Delusion, the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, Strange Quarks, Righteous Indignation, Point of Inquiry), blog reader (Mind Hacks, Phenomena, Mosaic Science, Six Incredible Things Before BreakfastBad Science, The Lay ScientistNew Humanist), and science advocate (see CaSE, Sense About Science, Science Is Vital). I saw many ways in which to apply a more critical and rational look at some of the issues many new parents face, which led me to write them down here.

I used to blog as The Skeptical Dad, but thought a ‘Curious Mind’ was a better description!



To the little lad & lass who inspired it all













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Other stuff I like (non-exhaustive):

FC United of Manchester

BBC 6 Music (particularly Gideon Coe)

Real ale

Comedy: Stewart Lee / Daniel Kitson / Robin Ince

Bands: British Sea Power / The Smiths / The Beta Band / The Longcut


3 thoughts on “About me

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