About the blog

I am a parent of two who is curious about how things work. I decided to write down my thoughts after being bombarded with conflicting advice, anecdotes, preconceptions and sheer mysticism during my partner’s pregnancies and childbirths. As someone who strives to be a critical, scientifically sceptical thinker, I decided to try to shed some light on some of the claims I encountered. I love finding stuff out, and all parents enter this unchartered territory, so I wanted to share the things I found out in the hope others will like it too. This blog catalogues some of these attempts and records my thoughts for posterity.

I should emphasise that I’m not a research scientist – merely someone with a scientific background who is a firm believer in evidence-based decision-making. I am on a learning curve as much as any new parent, so I welcome the interaction of others. I am not here to dictate advice or guidance on parenting, but will let you know in which direction I think the evidence points. If you think I’m wrong, please tell me!

I am always interested to hear if I have missed something or if there’s some evidence to the contrary, so please let me know if you have something to add.



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